How to texture 3D geometry?

I want to add this MovieFileIn to the Geometry material. I’m sure there is a simple way to do this but after some searching on YouTube I couldn’t find anything? Any ideas on a good way to get this done?

You need to use a material to map your texture. Mainly a Constant Mat to have a material not light dependant and a Phong Mat for a material light dependant. After that you can affect the material to the texture.

So I can get the material to apply to a geometry I create in TD (geo1). But I still cannot get the constant to apply the material to the OBJ model I imported (Geometry). I’ve applied the constant as a material to the Geo and it still does not actually show in the render.

I dont know for OBJ model, I use only FBX and Alembic ones. With OBJ you can put a material Sop and a Texture Sop to use your material and decide what is the mapping. I recommend to make the UV mapping in your 3D software and export separately the geometry as FBX and the texture as PNG.
Here is a tutorial I made with Blender explaining the process.