How to use binding when knob widget values go above 1?

I’m using the MIDI Map to get all my MIDI values from 0-1 and the bind CHOP to bind this MIDI value to a knob widget. When I click and drag the knob up past its upper limit I can get values higher than 1, despite the Value0 parameter staying at 1. Once this happens I lose the ability to control this knob from my MIDI controller since everything is mapped from 0-1. How can I make the bind CHOP respect the upper limit of 1 of the knob?

I assume you have channel pickup on, preventing the midi knob from ever picking up because it can’t hit the value. This is a nasty problem and requires some fixes on our end.

In the meantime, here’s some voodoo you can put in the bindCHOP’s callbacks that will clamp the value:

	if val < 0 or val > 1:
		source.bindReferences[0].val = tdu.clamp(val,0,1)

If this doesn’t work for you, post again and we can refine the workaround.

Yes, I have channel pickup on. And that works! Thank you!