How to use lsystem to create a flower while removing the middle line

I tried to create a flower using lsystem, but there was a thread in the middle that couldn’t be removed. I also tried using the delete sop method to create it, which was useful in my other projects, such as the right side, but the effect was not good in this project. May I ask if there is any way to remove this line or other methods

If you can identify the exact point numbers on the line, you can use the Delete SOP. Go into 3D viewer and turn on points display to find the point numbers.
Why is it black? Is this a rendering or a 3D viewer view?

QAlsystem.toe (9.2 KB)
Hello, this is the project I deleted the line using Group SOP today. The black line can be seen in both the render and 3D viewer.

Thanks for the example file. I tested this with build 2022.33910 on both WIndows w/Nvidia and macOS and the black line is not present.

Could you report your build number and your system spec? Thanks.

This is the project that I just removed from the offline section. If you delete Group and Delete, you will see the black line. I am using version 2022.26590 on Windows Nvidia 4060.

This is defined in your l-system. If you play with the numbers in the brackets of your first “C” line, you’ll see the line shrink/grow in size.