How to use the TouchDesigner timeline in Ableton Live

Hello, everyone.

I want to sync the current time in TouchDesigner to Ableton.

I’m working on a music video.
I used TDAbleton to successfully integrate TouchDesigner and Ableton.
However, my CG is very heavy and in real-time it falls below my desired frame rate of 60fps. Also, considering the video export with Movie File TOP, it’s difficult to do everything in real-time.
So I’m going to remove the real-time check button on the TouchDesigner side so that TouchDesigner can render reliably.
But that’s not possible with the timeline sync from Ableton to TouchDesigner.
Is there a way to synchronize the timeline from TouchDesigner to Ableton?

Maybe this question should be in the Ableton Live forum, let me ask it in this forum in the hope that the TDAbleton features will include what I want to know.

Alas we have not successfully been able to sync these timelines in the way you are request. The closest solution is probably to base your TD network on the incoming time channels in ableton song.

Just spit-balling here, but sounds to me like one of the parameters from TDA should provide you with some sort of position of a track or timeline that you can sync with TD. There are ways I’ve seen to change the parameters of the timeline- like whether it loops using the default values, or custom values you can give it.
I’ve seen also operators that are related to Timeline.
Then in TDableton I’ve seen the measures and positions of tracks in the Song operator, or you could just use an Info CHOP to see all that is coming out of an operator, and find the one that corresponds to what you are looking for.
If TD can talk to Ableton, like synching, pulsing, firing clips, taking values from it and vice versa, then along one of these items there must be your answer.
How? I do not know. everything I mentioned I’ve just seen within operators and menus while looking for other things or setting up something different than what you are trying to do.

The problem is that Ableton Live never measures a song in actual units of time, only in beats. And because the tempo of the song can change, it’s exceedingly difficult to sync them accurately. I might take another pass at this problem this year.

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I have had great luck with using a record chop to record all of the incoming TDA data and then rendering non real time. Works like a charm and you can render multiple layers. You need to make sure that you turn everything off so you can record at 60 fps or whatever your desired framerate is otherwise it wont be in sync. Keep in mind that the record chop records to the TD timeline, so you hit record, play your track, turn record off, then go to the beginning of the timeline and hit play and the record chop plays back.

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