How to use touchscreen in ToucDesigner with PCT monitor

I have this screen monitor:
it’s working on techonloghy of PCT ‏(Projected Capacitive Touch) for smooth touch.
i tried to draw by the touch screen here and need your help how to how do it…
MultiPinc.toe (5.8 KB)
in this example i draw by cursur but not in touch screen. i tried to use Container but not secssued to do it on ful screen on preform mode also. in someone can tell me how to do it or send me example i will be glad. Thank you!

Hi @HakolEfshari,

multitouch data should come in via the Multi Touch In DAT. There is also an example of how it can be used in the Palette>Techniques folder called “multiTouch”.

Apart from this the OP Snippets for the Multi Touch In DAT can be helpful.