How to write a file out dat at every frame

Hi There,

I’m trying to append(write) the value from the chop to each frame on file out DAT, but I don’t know how to write in each frame. (For example, if it is 30fps, append 30 times)

When I used the LFO chop to trigger a pulse waveform at 30 freqency with the LFO chop, it was only written 20 times per second when I looked at the csv.

If you know some techniques, please let me know.

My first thought is that it’s probably a bad idea to try to write to disk every frame. You will hit the limits of your hardware pretty quickly.
A more efficient approach would be to add the values to a DAT during runtime, and write to disk only once when your program has finished (or every 10 seconds orso). You can use a CHOP to DAT to get all values from the Trail CHOP in a DAT - see example attached.
write_DAT_to_disk.tox (558 Bytes)

Does this help?

Thank you for your answer!

Actually, I was also trying to store all the data in Trail CHOP and then write it out with File out DAT.
However, this time I wanted to get 4 minutes of data, and when I tried to store 7200 frames (4 x 60 x 30) in Trail CHOP, the frame rate dropped during the process, probably due to insufficient memory.
Of course, I could have written out the data in a short period of time and then merged it later, but I was trying the append method with a file out DAT in per frame which does not require merging.

I was told that that method is not possible, so I will try to use the former method.