How use Shared Mem in TOP with 3rd party application?

As subject said,

How i can use that OP in touchdesigner to link textures or movies from Resolume or Max/MSP/Jitter for example?

I can’t find any clear example or doc about what i have to do to make Resolume or Max link with TouchDesigner in Shared mem.

Someone could point me a way to do it?

You can’t - Shared Mem nodes are mainly meant for other instances of TouchDesigner or for C++ apps you write yourself…
To share data with other commercial applications such as Resolume, you can use:

If other app and TD are running on same machine:

  • use Spout/Syphon TOP for video
  • use Dante for audio
  • use OSC for data

If other app and TD are running on different machines:

  • use NDI TOP for video
  • use Dante for audio
  • use OSC for data

These are just a few of the protocols possible but these are the most used.

Thank you for this explanation,
i knew already Spout/Syphon and OSC methods but not NDI or Dante and i don’t know how these last two work.

I was thought that shared memory was an easier and solid way to comunicate data with 3rd party apps, but i don’t understand how you could write a C++ app into Resolume to do that.

as you are looking to connect to Resolume, on this page is explained how to setup NDI in Resolume

You use NDI in TouchDesigner by just placing an NDI In TOP or NDI Out TOP, very simple.

And if you want to test playing with NDI you can also download the free NDI Tools and connect them to TD.

Actually don’t think Resolume supports Dante, as it is an audio only protocol.