How would i be able to do segmentation in touchdesigner from a stereolabs zed 2i camera (player outline)

hello TD community

I have been using the kinect for some time but i recently started using the Stereolabs zed 2i due to the more accurate skeleton tracking and dept data.
but the one feature i realy mis is the player index that the kinect gave you to mask out a single user.
the zed has exelent skeleton tracking and dept data so i feel like it should be possible to get the same player index from that information but i can’t seem to find the right way to approach this problem.
Is there a way i can get a single player siloute outline? (its important that no 2 players are outlined at the same time)
I have been able to get an outline from the dept data but never the outline of a single person

thank you for your help.

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Hello @KasperInect,

that feature is currently not implemented in TouchDesigner - I believe it’s the “mask” element of the ZED’s Bodydata. It’s logged as an RFE though.


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