This component converts hsv input channels into rgb output channels.
It’s also an example of how to use the expression CHOP.

Note: input channels must be in h, s, v order as it uses the channel number, not the channel name.


I’ll make a reverse one soon unless someone else gets inspired.

hsv_to_rgb_CHOP.tox (974 Bytes)

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after a look through the forums again, of course Markus already explained how to do this


but here’s the hsv_to_rgb converter anyway.

RGB_to_HSV.tox (1.04 KB)

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Thank you very much!
Works like a charm.


Haha! You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Eleven years later, I have still forgotten to make a reverse version.

Have a great new year!

and …

Remember, when deciding which neck-tie to wear with that shirt:
if shirt-colour = h then neck-tie-colour = h + 180
… just remember to use s values responsibly (depending on your complexion) and don’t neglect v ! :v::gift_heart:

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