HTC Vive Trackers in Live Dance Performance

Hi all,

Thought I would share a snippit of a dance performance that I have been working on. In this section I used three htc vive trackers that allow the performers to interact with the projections. I have been a dancer with this company for 10 years and this is the first performance where I got the opportunity to design all the media. The show is approximately two hours and I use Touchdesigner to control everything. The setup is three projectors. The main screen in the video is 36’ by 15’ and is a FP/RP screen. There are two “rooms” behind the mainstage screen that the audience splits and travels to a number of times throughout the evening. In each room, there is a projector that is mapped to various picture frame screens as well as the main screen being used as rear projection. Besides the trackers, I also used a kinect that is at the front of the stage that functions as other interactive media in the show.

Thanks for looking and thanks to everyone that posts in this forum. It was extremly helpful in this process!

  • Dane


Nice use of the trackers! Thanks for sharing!

Holy… I must say…
awesome work Dane!

Great work! Thanks for sharing!

Very cool

It’s super hard to do this in a performance setting.
I always had trouble keeping it consistent long enough to bring an audience in.


Thanks so much. Your work was a big inspiration. Trust me it was not 100 percent flawless, especially since we spread the towers much further than they should have been.