Http:// results in "error 502 bad gateway"

Visitors who use http:// are not forwarded to the https:// website, and instead they get a “error 502 bad gateway” (on the front page of website)

or blank page (on front page of forum)

This is especially problematic as any browser by default will load the http variant if you just type or in the url field.

tested on mobile Firefox and Chrome.
Desktop Chrome has the same issue

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It’s a web server issue. You @derivative guys should redirect any http://zyx requests to https://zyx

Sorry, this was introduced on Friday by accident, it’s fixed now.

Still happening here

Can’t reproduce on any of the links you provided, all other reports have said it is fixed (we know what it was, so it should not be happening now). Can you give specific example?

Looks like it’s only the forum.(still giving me blank page on http site)
To reproduce open the website
and there check the status of this url:

Notice it shows you status 200 and no redirect.

Now check the status of on that site. Notice you see a redirect (301) to

Thanks for this example. It wasn’t happening for me as clicking on those links in the posts actually corrects itself and works, but if you take the URL directly into a new browser tab then I can reproduce the problem.

Yeah aggressive browser caching on all levels is a bitch while developing.

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Should be fixed now.

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