I am about to buy an Huion tablet and I wonder if there is any workaround using it with TouchDesigner.

Has anyone tried something out?


I didn’t know the brand. Have you tried the Tablet Chop to receive information from it?
What exactly you want to do whit it?

It is a really interesting brand. I have them at work, but not at home so I don’t have it with me to test it out (quarantine problems…).

If they don’t work with TouchDesigner I will consider not buying it.
I dont know what I will do yet, I guess using it as a controler. If I buy one I would prefer it to be as much compatible as possible with the tools I use .

To be honest, I would prefer an old and renowned brand as Wacom. Even with it, some old low priced models doesn’t work because of inexistent driver.
I buyer two years ago an used Intuos A4 Wacom graphic Tablet and it was plug and play.
Perhaps someone could give you a positive return but the price are not so different to carry the risk.

I see the logic in your advice, but Huion is my brand of choice for other software I use. I will give it a couple of days of research before switching to wacom.
Hopefully someone has tried it out and can confirm whether it works or not does not.