I can't apply uv map to 3d object

I have a problem with implementing the uv map to this 3d object, someone can tell me what the problem is, below I attach screenshots of the project.

This is the texturing:

Captura de pantalla 2021-11-18 192102

use the matter operator, here pbr, and connect them to the op geometry

this is the problem that the render box detects, but I can’t find the solution

I would appreciate if you can tell me what my error is and why the pbr material is not applied properly.

Have you tried importing the obj into blender or something like that to see if it has uvs there?

My guess is you need to re export the mesh from the painter application with uvs if you haven’t already.

As for tangents, you want to add an attribute create sop, and turn on create tangents. I think you already had that one in your network though.