I had a dream last night about the ParametersCOMP

In my dream, @malcolm sent me a daily build to fix an unrelated issue, and when I opened it up to test it, there was a new ParametersCOMP that satisfied many of my long-held wishes for a performant viable UI

  • there were attributes for font, fontsize, justification, color and colorbg
  • toggle, pulse and momentary pars could be grouped into blocks that were dynamically rendered horizontally as buttons set to fill, with a hideable lable attribute
  • float and int sliders could also be grouped, with an option to render this group vertically, or as knobs. shift dragging snapped to coarse values, and ctrl dragging moved in fine amounts
  • string blocks had defineable height/numLines, and an option for wrapping
  • the parameter comp could be less than 450 px wide without being rendered completely useless
  • individual parCOMPS could be accessed from a browser and rendered beautifully in html with snappy bi-directional communication. CSS styles could be applied
  • I could right click a parameter comp panel or parameter in order to pop up a customize window
  • I had the option to view pages individually, or vertically, with collapseable headers that hid unnecessary groupings
  • attached parCHOPS and parDATS could listen for parameters by page without oppressive list comprehension

I found myself with the performant dynamic UI I’ve always wanted in TD! It was too good to be true; I must be dreaming! With that thought, I realized i was in fact dreaming, and awoke from the most glorious of visions, and rushed over to my journal to write down these fleeting memories before waking life stole it all away. Today i publish them here, in hopes that someday Derivative might make my dreams come true