I have 4 ultrasonic sensors connected to one arduino, and I want to use them separetely in TouchDesigner

It’s my first time using an arduino with multiple ultrasonic sensors in TouchDesigner. I know how to get data from one ultrasonic sensor to make for example a SOP-Sphere move, using the serial and select operators.

I want to use 4 ultrasonic sensors connected to one arduino separetely in Touchdesigner. I have the arduino code completed and it works perfectly fine, but I want to create 4 different objects in TouchDesigner using the data from one of the 4 sensors. But I dont know what I have to do in the serial and select operators to only get the data from one of the sensors

For example:
Object 1 (SOP-Sphere) = getting data from sensor 1
Object 2 (SOP-Rectangle) = getting data from sensor 2
Object 3 (SOP-Noise) = getting data from sensor 3
Object 4 (SOP-Sphere = getting data from sensor 4

answer in the other thread


I am having a similar issue. Can you point me to the other thread for the answer? Thank you.