I need help with TDVR!

Hello. I’m am having a little trouble with TDVR in Touch. Is there or can someone make a tutorial of how the work flow/ setup gos? No one seems to mess with VR in Touch to much so it’s been hard finding any info. Thanks again for anyone that helps.

Did you review the help document PDF yet? It is quite detailed and available here: https://docs.derivative.ca/Palette:TDVR

If you still need a hand after going through that, post your specific questions and we’ll get you going.

Thank you ben I will do that.

hello I read everything but this help me only if everything is working. a lot of the controller selects are blacked out. I fixed the names on some but for other I don’t know the right name to fix it. The controller are the main problem I’m having at the moment. any input would be great.

You’ll have to provide more information for us to help. What VR system are you using? What SDK do you have installed? What build of TouchDesigner are you using? Graphic Driver version? Screengrabs are also helpful. We can’t guess the problem so the more useful information you provide about your complete setup and the behavior you see, the better chance we can provide a helpful answer.

Ok sorry about that. I’m useing a htc Vive, everything is up to date. I have the new build of touchdesigner. I have a Gtx 1069 graphic card. Everything seems to work except the controllers I think the names might be different now on openVR for the Vive because the select chops are not picking up the signal with the names in them now.

Ok so update. I have everything up in running. Controllers are working headset is on. Only running into problems with my ray picking.

Thanks, we will look into this. How did you get the controllers working, just a change in channel names?

yes it’s was the names.

Hey sorry for the wait was just able to get VR setup again. I am looking over TDVR 0.0.9 and everything looks ok. All my controllers are passing through as expected. What version of the Vive do you have? We have Version 1 here.