I want to make real time body tracking projection mapping

How can i make real time body tracking projection mapping with realsense?

I dont know with realSense but, with Kinect, I use the point cloud to build a realtime 3D body (using cache Top to eliminate background). I use compute shader to make the calculus and I put the camera at the relative place of the video projector.
Some results are here


Very cool Jacques! Guess I have to get a kinect some day!

I really appreciate your advice and help! I’m student now. I want to make Dynamic projection mapping with Touch Designer and Senser(kinect or Realsense). So I’m trying various things. I have one question , what kind of mapping tool can I use to follow a moving object like in this video? I’m using KantanMapper .

KantanMapper is not the good choice to follow an object.
Here I use the point cloud genered by the kinect V2 to produce a volume. I use a “picture” of the scene without moving object to isolate the moving object (cache + glsl top).
Placing the camera inside the 3D scene accorded to the beamer, I can project on the moving object.
Triyng to make a tuto but too busy at the moment…

Tank you so much! I am waiting with great anticipation for your tutorial.
I have one more question.There are two mapping tools in Touch Designer, Kinetic Calibration and Camshaper, which one is more suitable for body projection mapping?

Yes! Same here! I love using the Kinect for tracking and mapping over moving objects!


Hello, sorry for the tutorial delay, too busy with projects, teaching and family christmas tasks :-).
Concerning camShnapper (and also kinect calibration), its not a mapping object, its a calibration object, able to calculate the real position and properties of your beamer, using the projection of the model on the real object. In the real world I use more mesurement (position, direction, throw, shift) of the real beamer, adjusting the setting with home made images. When thats done the result of the kinect, for me point cloud, can be used to move the object inside TD.
I hope I can be understood.

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I actually modified the kinect calibration tool so it maps the player index over me fairly accurately. The only problem is that it has a little bit of lag. I can’t wait for better sensors to arrive.

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I read this interesting conversation and I’m also interested in this tutorial. I hope you can realise it

Hi @Flowtricks

Which modification did you on kinect calibration for player index mapping ?