I want to recognize the midi device using Ethernet

Hello everyone.
The midi interface is connected to macpro via Ethernet from the midi controller. It seems that the midi interface is receiving midi signals, but the touchdesigner midi device mapper does not seem to recognize the device.

Can I use a midi device via Ethernet with Touchdesigner?

Does the MIDI work with other software? If you use a general MIDI monitor can you see the signals events coming in? A nice from monitor for macOS is this one: https://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/

Yes, I tried using DAW software “Logic Pro X”, but MIDI was recognized. There was also a sound.

The signal was received even though I checked it on the MIDI monitor.

Have you created a mapping in the MIDI Mapper Dialog and selected the device from the drop down menu? Can you screenshot that dialog so we can see what you see?

Sorry, the reply was late

In the menu of Midimapper device, “IACdriver IACbass1” is selected.

What is actually connected to the midi interface is the midi controller “AKAI LPD8” and the midi keyboard “KORG microKEY”. The midi interface is “iConnectivity mioXM”.

This text garbling is probably caused by the writing of Japanese text.

Hello, Ben

Solved the problem that the midi device could not be used when Touchdesigner was connected via Ethernet!

The cause seems to be that the device was not recognized in Touchdesigner because the language setting of macOS was Japanese and the name of the network was Japanese.

All was solved by setting the OS language setting to English.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the report, we will look into our unicode support of MIDI devices on non-english OS.