I would like to install a projector on the top of a slide to create interactive content! Help me!

Always thanks for helping from this community.
Every time I can get super nice information here.

I need help because i don’t know how i choose hardware excatly.

I would like to install a projector on the top of a slide to create interactive content. I need advice on what hardware to choose. I want to capture the positions where children slide down and map various patterns when they come down from the slide.

I thought i have to choose hokuyo sensor, but when i tested it, it can get data from firstly touch to hokuyo’s raser. I thought it was not nice choose. So i want to get how to approach this problem.

Hello @soleil0706,

is the slide curved or a straight plane? For curved surfaces, I’m assuming you would have trouble with any lidar based scanner.
It would be good to know what shape the slide is and what material it is made of.


Thank u Markus!

I will work for the straight plane slide, not curved!

Hi @soleil0706,

could you just explain why hokuyo was not a good option for you? Is it the size of the slide? I would think that a lidar would be your best option here. Or is the trouble for you how to utilize the data coming from the sensor?


I’m concerned that the Hokuyo sensor seems to be tracking all parts of the body when it comes into contact with a person. It would be ideal if the Hokuyo sensor could track only the buttock area when someone is sitting. I’m curious about how such a method can be implemented. Isn’t it a bit difficult to measure the exact position when sitting?

Thank u for replying!

Hi @soleil0706,

that’s correct, LIDAR scanners like this work on the principle that it returns distances and angles to “things” that interrupt the moving laser beam. It cannot distinguish between the type of “thing” that interrupted the plane created by the 2D beam.
The returned data can be used with the Blob Tracking CHOP to retrieve positions. Have a look at the OPSnippets for the Blob Tracking CHOP to see how this can work.

There is also a community developed multi lidar tracking component

I have not tried it but is worthwhile testing this out for your application.

Any object detection and tracking would have to be done with camera assisted solutions like Kinect Azure, OAK, ZED, or Realsense but here you deal with latencies that might be too large for time sensitive installations like a slide.