I5 13600k or i7 13700k for RTX 4090?

Hi there! I‘m moving from mac to PC and planning to get a desktop build with GeForce RTX 4090.

I’m wondering for the processor, is there a big difference between Intel i5-13600k and i7-13700k?
It looks like most people in touchdesigner community recommend i7 but then I heard the latest i5 processor is also pretty good to pair with this graphic card.
Has anyone here got experience or advice about these two options?

Also here is a list of other component I picked based on the local stock list.

I’m wondering if it is a balanced selection for running touchdesigner in general, if there’s any obvious overkills/bottleneck pls let me know! Thanks in advance.

It depends what you plan to do inside of TouchDesigner. Offhand though, if you are looking to invest that much in the GPU, then I’d definitely get the higher end CPU as well. There are a lot of things inside of TouchDesigner that use the CPU, and it’ll be hard making use of that much GPU power without a lot of CPU to drive it.

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