iDraw OSC - 2023-08-15

iDraw OSC

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Hi there, @fredfred !
Neat approach. Something I’ve noticed is that I had to also type the port number in the app (thought it used 8800 by default if left blank).

If I’m not mistaken, you’re not sending Z axis (pressure) from the Pencil. Would there be a way to send that as well?

Interesting that you’d be able to send RGB values for the colour selected. Gives me some ideas about using colours to change modes during performance.
Might do this by pairing TouchDesigner with Bitwig Studio.

(Part of my initial need was to draw curves to use as MSEG/LFO in BWS. That’d only be 2D and not realtime. So, a different use case altogether.)

Thanks for doing this! Would be really neat to send 3D gestures and assign pressure to a lowpass filter or some such.


Hi @Enkerli

I’m so sorry for the late reply. I didn’t know that you left a comment on the post.

First, the port number is my mistake. I just fixed it. Second, I also added the pressure. It sends the pressure when you are using an apple pencil. I’ve just made an update. It will take a couple of days.

I added a new example project file on my GitHub. You can make curves(samples to an array of samples) in TouchDesigner.
(안녕 is hello in Korean)

Thank you so much for your interest.

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Merci! (Thanks in French.)

Pressure will be fun to use. And that curves example will be inspiring. Unfortunately for me, I’ve lost my Pencil 2 in the meantime! I’ll probably get a new one at some point, though, because it’s been a real joy to use.