ImageSaver - Save an Image from Output

Hey Guys
I would like to build a component that I can put at the end of a network to save an image of the current frame. The image should automatically (triggered with a keyboard in) be saved in a folder with a custom Name + Project Name + Number. I already got the numbering right but for the rest I lack Python skills! :upside_down_face:
Also, I had to put a lag CHOP in front of the ‘Record Trigger’ to trigger the count first. Don’t know if this is the right way!? :sweat_smile:
My moviefile out expression:
‘ImageSaver-out\ImageSaver-’ + str(int(op(‘count3’)[0])) + ‘.png’
Can someone help me? :man_bowing:

Unfortunately, I’m a new user here and can’t upload any files

Hey @hIjAck_531,

The Moviefileout TOP already has a counter build in of sorts. When enabling the parameter “Unique Suffix” and appending the python Member me.fileSuffix this will automatically increment every time you trigger the “Add Frame” pulse parameter.

The format is a bit differernt. As explained here in the docs

the fileSuffix member will add a string in the form of .N.i.ext to your filename where N is the counter and i the image sequence counter but only used if you are in the recording type “Image Sequence”.
To get to your format, you can use a small format expression:

'{0}-{1}'.format('ImageSaver-out\ImageSaver', me.fileSuffix[1:])

Hope this helps

Thank you for the quick help!
Sorry I didn’t quite get it but it works! I got the suffix thing but not the format stuff. Unfortunately, the Add Frame button cannot be triggered with the keyboard in!? I have to use the ‘record’ but this is ok.
Is there also an expression to read out my project name and put it in the Image File Name?


Here’s what I already got

ImageSaver-1.4.toe (12.2 KB)

The “Add Frame” button CAN be triggered with the keyboard in Chop

Thanks…good to know! :blush:
But is there a way to read out the Project Name and include it in the Filename?

Ähm…it doesn’t work for me…I trigger the “Add Frame” but nothing is happening! When i klick the Add it´s working! :man_shrugging:

I also found that there is a project name class that can be easily called with ‘’ . But how do I get that with an expression in my moviefile out file?

It works for me but, as alway with keys, Iou need to have TD in front.
Its the reason I never use keys and use Midi instead.

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did you find a solution to this? I’m wondering the same thing.