imgBBUploader moves TOPs to imgBB - 2020-06-21 22:40

imgBBUploader moves TOPs to imgBB

Link to main site

I want use your TDfile but i don’t know where can i put in my api key, image name…
Can i know this?
It is very helpful for me.

Well, on the page it says

Enter the API Key on the settings page of this component, connect a TOP to the TOP input and hit Upload.

And if you check the component:

Hi. @alphamoonbase

I succeeded.
thank you so much.

Good Day. @alphamoonbase

I can’t seem to get any DAT output after I hit upload.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter API key.
  2. Connect a moviefilein1 TOP to the input of the component.
  3. Press upload.

Screenshot of the inside of the component after hitting upload:

Thanks a lot!

Hi, again. @alphamoonbase
I managed to solve the issue on my own.

It’s by flipping on the ‘Verify Certificate (TLS)’ switch in the webclient1 in the component.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks @JinRecords,

the git is now updated with that change


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