Import live text strings into Touchdesigner from a different computer

Hello, I am working on a project doing live visuals for a DJ. The team has a concept to show live audio descriptions of the sound within the visuals. I’m trying to figure out how to take text strings being written by someone on a different device, import them into Touchdesigner and display them on my visuals in realtime.

I think i can figure out how to display them via TOPs like the composite top but feeling confused about the best way to get these strings from a second computer into Touchdesigner. Has anyone tried a workflow that would allow this to work or have any ideas? Thanks!

Hey, welcome to the forum.
there are so many ways to do this.
I guess it starts with what sort of device is used to enter the text, and in what software will it be entered?

For instance a webpage with a form could be possible, you could host the site in in TD, and catch all text written. Or will it be a TouchDesigner application to be build by you? Then you can use Touch Out DAT.
Some other already existing application?Then what network protocols does that software support? Any of those protocols also supported by TouchDesigner? If so, then that would be the direction to go in.

Thanks for the ideas @nettoyeur !

Since the i don’t know the person who will be inputting the text, i’d like to make it as easy as possible so a text editor or form sounds nice and simple. the device will either be an ipad or another computer.

I will do some research on the webpage with a form hosted on TD as it might be the direction i should go in. if you have any further advice, i would love to hear about it as well!

Another way is with OSC.
You can send text with a TouchOSC or similar app to Touchdesigner.

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