Importing Embedded FBX from Blender - No Textures or Materials

I am new to using 3D models so might be missing some obvious things… I am capturing 3D scans in the POLYCAM app, bringing them into Blender to clean up and then exporting again for use in TouchDesigner.
When I bring in the unedited FBX downloaded from POLYCAM the FBX is fine with all texture/material present (discrete JPG files within the FBX network) but when I export an embedded FBX from Blender and import to Touch it is missing all texture/material - the .fbm file doesn’t seem to do anything.
When I bring the same embedded FBX file into UNREAL the textures/materials are there…
What is best practice for bringing FBX models from Blender to Touch with textures/materials? thanks!

If you use an Info DAT and reference the FBX COMP then it will display the search paths for all the textures. If these are incorrect and you know the location of the texture files then the search paths can be overridden with the Texture Directory parameter on the FBX COMP. Typically if the textures are embedded, then the search paths should be into the .fbm directory that’s created next to the .fbx file in the file system.