Importing Rhino 3D model

Anybody has experience importing rhino 3d geometry into touchdesigner? I am looking to separate the geometry by layers. I tried fbx and it doesn’t let me. Would .obj be a better option for this or I should just import different geometries for layers? Thanks!

Hello and welcome.

I don’t have any firsthand experience with rhino 3d so I’m not 100% sure how layers are exported.

That being said, for the FBX case: if the layers are exported as separate meshes and have the same material then they will be merged when you import the FBX file. This is the default behaviour, but you can disable merging by toggling off the Merge Geometry parameter on the FBX COMP then re-importing.

If you want the merging to still occur then you can enable the Primitive Groups parameter on the FBX COMP, which will group the primitives according to their mesh prior to merging. These can then be individually selected using a Delete SOP and the group name.

Importing as obj could work though I don’t think any grouping is done.

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Thank you very much Eric, that was so helpful! It worked and you can separate layers perfectly.

My trouble now is how can I work with these layers separately? Would be inside the fbx operator? Or would it be through SelectNull?

Did each layer come in as its own mesh? If you have them unmerged then you should be able to put down an Import Select SOP, reference the imported FBX COMP, then select your desired mesh.