Importing volumetric video

Hi, new here and need some help. Wanted to ask know how to import volumetric video from ef eve software into TouchDesigner? I got a sample from 4 Azure cameras.

Hey, welcome to the forums! I’ve been doing some testing with EF EVE, but unfortunately wasn’t able to export with the version I have. However, I know @snaut was able to run a series of OBJ and texture files from EF EVE inside TouchDesigner. I’m not sure if his project is ready for sharing yet, but he was using multiple File In SOPs along with a Cache SOP for the geometry and then a Movie File In TOP for the texture sequence.

Hi @Paxvfx,

as @RobMC is saying, we are actually working on a short tutorial on the whole process. I can share this component here which was build with a sequence provided by ef-eve. Opening it, you can specify a sequence folder on the Sequence Folder parameter of the geo_sequence geo component.
Internally it makes use of the Cache SOP to cache all meshes and the Cache TOP to cache all textures.
Let me know if this works for you
ef-eve.toe (16.5 KB)

Thanks for your tip, works! I look forward to the tutorial too.

Hello Everyone,

I am curious if anyone had done it in touch merging multiple RGBD cams(with IMU) for real-time point cloud? If this was a possible direction at all… Thanks

I would also really like to understand what these guys here did with Touchdesigner or what part of the project was processed through it:

at least there seems to be some development in this area: