Improve Parameter DAT for Sequential Parameters

As you may have noticed I’m an avid user of Seq parameters.

I’ve created what I think the Parameter DAT (or a new Sequence Parameter DAT?) should result when dealaing with this type of parameter:

This also makes converting to a multi-channel multi-sample CHOP (for instancing, for example) a breeze, otherwise you’d have to use multiple Parameter CHOPs and shuffle+merge them.

As you can see the blockPars are easily selectable by rows, and the indices by the columns.

Normally you cannot list all the parameters for a sequence, without potentially listing other parameters that match the name of the sequence:

as you can see it lists the sequence itself too.

There’s always some solution of course - as I’ve done with my SeqMod, but in my opinion there should be a native way of cleanly obtaining the sequence data without any hoops.

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This actually looks like a seqparDAT design to me, since it doesn’t have the other columns the parameterDAT has. Would you agree?

Yes I would agree