Improvements ideas for TouchDesigner

Hello there.
I have 2 ideas to improve TD, I hope you’ll consider them, because I care about them so much and I really hope to see them implemented.

They are:

  • You could, in a MIDI In CHOP, use a Piano Roll - like editor when using a file input instead of a device, allowing users to edit/create the MIDI data on the fly.
    Such an editor could perfectly be something as simple as this:
  • You could add a timeline to sequence various track types in a fixed order. Such tracks should include:
    • Image files (like .png)
    • Automations (values that change over time, this can also be used for animations)
    • Sound wave files (like .ogg or .wav)
    • MIDI audio files (like .mid)
    • Video files (like .mp4)
    • Subtitles (like .srt)
      Such clips should be referenced in the network by ID in theyr respective operators.

That’s it, I hope you’ll consider my ideas.

Have a nice day, regards.