#include shader from file?

is it posssible to #include shaders from file into a glsl MAT / TOP or can i only #include shaders from a DAT`inside the network?

I think only DATs but you can make the DAT read/sync from a file.

hi - thx. that i’ve seen. works - but if i’ve a case where a include is in the included file … (want to add a shader library)

hi there,

ah yes that will be tricky I’m afraid to do it just with DATs. Perhaps it’s an option to save your shader library in an external TOX and load that one when needed?

I’ve tried a similar thing in the past, but eventually ended up having a directory with glsl files organized on type (render functions / noise / math / etc). Then I’m just opening up the files in a text editor and copy pasting the functions I need. I felt it took too much shader compile time to include all functions, which breaks a bit the coding flow :slight_smile:


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hm? i now have the whole lygia lib converted to textDATS with a little python script … so i duplicated the folder from my harddisc into a tox … do you really find, there is some difference in performance when use some of the functions from the lib with including the files in vertex shader?