Including a Space in Channel Name

Hi all,

I’m sure this is a simple fix, but how do I tell Touch that there is a space in the name of a channel without it separating them into two channels. I’m sending an OSC message from TD to Max to control DMX, and Max is looking for 'alexia/slider ', but keeps setting ‘alexia/slider’ and the index as two channels.


Space isn’t a legal character as part of the OSC Address. There are legal OSC Address’ that you can’t send via CHOPs due to their naming rules, but I don’t think 'alexia/slider ’ is one of them.
Unless I’m misunderstanding?

That’s what I assumed as well, but I was able to send data from Max to Max with space included. So, I don’t know how it accepts it outside of requiring there to be that number to distinguish which light. Is there just a way to include the space in a constant CHOP channel name?

Nah there isn’t, but even if there was, the OSC Out CHOP would replace it with ‘_’ or something else since space isn’t legal and we try to adhere to the specs as much as possible.

Ok, sounds good. Thanks!

Are you sure they aren’t looking for the address ‘alexia/slider’, and a value of 2 being sent?

Yeah it’s essentially '/alexia/slider '. Max uses UDP, not a real OSC object, so I think that’s why it doesn’t care that there’s a space.