Increase & decrease value exponentially?

Hi all,

I am making an interactive artwork. I am using depth input from an Intel Realsense to change the size of a sphere. As the user approaches, the sphere gets bigger, as they retreat, the sphere gets smaller. I have used a Math CHOP to map the range of the input to the size parameters of the sphere.

That is all working fine, but I am wondering whether there is a CHOP that will change this value exponentially - so that the higher the value of the input, the quicker the rate that the sphere will increase?

I was thinking this might be something I could do with a Math CHOP, but I am a bit of a rookie with this stuff.

Thanks a lot!

I don’t have a computer in front of me but you should look into the Expression Chop.
Drop that operator in your network, right click and choose “operator snippets” to see some examples.
I hope that helps!

You can use a math chop with “channel pre op” set to “square”. And maybe append a filter or lag to smooth it. Or you can use a lookup chop with a preset pattern chop.

Try the function CHOP