"Increment Filename on Save" still increments when off

not sure if this is intended: with this preference turned off, TD increments the file name on opening, and then hitting ctrl-S automatically saves a new copy with the incremented name, leaving the original older file unmodified. (As opposed to both incrementing and modifying the original, when switched on) Is it possible to just save and modify everything to one file, or is that what turning it off is meant to do? Using version 2020.24520 on Windows 10.

The only thing I haven’t checked is if it behaves differently with files created after changing this preference, if that makes a difference…

I do not see this behavior when testing. Are you clicking “Save” on the preferences dialog after making your change in settings?

I get just NewProject.toe and NewProject.1.1toe, I can save as much as I like.

If you only want the one file created, also turn off the preference below called “Create Link Filename on Save”.