Info CHOP documentation

Posted this thread a week ago, not realizing there was a forum dedicated to the documentation:

In summary, The info chop has cryptic channel names sometimes and it would be nice to have a documentation to explain what they do.

For example, the channel export_sernum shows up. No idea what that means, and I can’t find any reference to it in the wiki.

The info CHOP can be used across families so often the best place to check for the information you’re seeing in the info CHOP is actually in the family or operator class you’re inspecting. It’s been my experience that much of what’s exposed by the info CHOP is similar (if not directly related to) the class members for a given operator. I usually start there to see what I can learn. In the example of the audio file in CHOP:

I did a little quick experimenting, and it looks to me like export_sernum is related to the exportChanges member. This element shows up across CHOPs, and changes when a channel is exported.

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Interesting, it looks like you are correct. I guess for now when I find cryptic chop info channels, I’ll have to figure it out by trial and error.

Still wish there was documentation for the less obvious ones, but I’m sure it’s no small task to go through and document them all.