Init Extension on Startup Toggle

I am not sure if this is a bug or has always been the was that extension in fact do not init on startup but get initiliazed on time. I have the feeling that this has not always been the case. At the moment I, just sometimes, have the situation that certain extension not always initialize in time, which leads to bugs. The strange thing is that this only started somewhere arround the mid of the current release cycle to lead to errors and is hard to repdoruce for me.
To fight this I will have to implement executeDAT with the onStart directive to initialize the extension, but it would be nice if I could define that behavior directly in the extensionParameterComp instead. Load times might get longer but this will fight performanceDrops or issues with uninitialized extensions suddenyl getting initialized (which can get heavy with bigger systems).


+1 for a COMP toggle to auto-init its extension on TD start.

Usecases is some COMPs have no cook dependencies downstream (for instance if the extension only writes to python objects) so they are not cooked automatically but I still need them to work from the start.

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imho this should be looked at in a bigger context.

Because in every more complex project it is such a long and painful task to get rid of all those initialization/cooking related issues and spikes

What about a generalized “preload/init/cook on start” toggle for all OPs? So that not only extensions reliably initialize, but also that geos/textures will not cause frame drops when we display them for the first time during a show.

And that should include everything needed to get a node ready for display / use ( including stuff like “generating mipmaps”)


I like the ideas here. Would also very much like any example files where extensions don’t initialize on time. They can both be fixed and will be relevant to decisions about adding the features suggested.

Hey @Ivan I build a simplified example to clarify the need for an auto-init option.
Similar but more complex situations I encounter more often in my work.

To make it a bit more visual, each extension, on init, makes a Container COMP background green. The behavior I’m looking for is both black squares in the output to be fully filled with green on startup. But this does not happen until I have zoomed into every COMP in Designer mode (see instructions how to zoom in DATs in the network) . It does not matter if I start in Perform mode or not.

In the field this issue happens in COMPs/extensions which don’t have a direct node output on which other nodes downstream depend. For instance they perform data mangling in Python (websocket/ HTTP data receive/send, database, etc) and use the result of that data to set pars / call Python methods in the rest of the network. As there is no cook dependency to signal these COMPs to cook once on startup, we now have to add Execute DATs with several run(delayFrames=10) onStart scripts to make sure all our COMPs have initialized.

I would like a more robust & more simple to implement solution for this, something which can guarantee an extension will initialize on startup.

example made in 2020.28110
init-test.toe (4.7 KB)

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Confirmed that this is still the case in 40k branch. Fun example :slight_smile:

I’ll discuss this with the team. On first look, I like @Achim’s idea of a universal toggle for all nodes that need to preload.