INSIDE DOME : Fulldome Preview

INSIDE DOME is a playback video for dome, you can choose the degree of your dome (0° to 360°) and let’s create an azimuthal equidistant projection uv map.

This appplication is usefull for fulldome theater, planetarium and any immersive dome-based video projection environnement. Observe your visuals on the dome, turn around with your mouse and record and HD video.

You need :
TouchDesigner 088
Images/Videos (azimuthal equidistant projection)

The interface :

Vimeo :

by Fred Trétout, thank Francois Prenoveau for dome script.
Free to use, free to share, free to thanks.

Upgrade V2
Custom Parameter and arcBallCamera
Links :
Application + Videos files (210°).
Application Solo. (20.8 MB) (20.3 MB)
INSIDE_DOME.72.toe (1.85 MB)

Upgrade V3.3
TD 099 v 2022.29850
SOP Scrip + UI correction
All options are on Container Parameters
INSIDE_DOME.80.toe (749.3 KB)

You can find the last version in the Asset tab of Derivative website :


Amazing, was about to start building something like this. Thank You!

Hello, I’m new to touch designer. Can someone explain me how to use this to map something on a sphere? Just the basic workflow so I can understand how to route them all. I am familiar with nodal programming and other VJ software like isadora, resolume, vdmx, etc. I just don’t know what to do with this project. Should I use syphon to route it in resolume, or how many projectors should I use and how where are my outs for them?
thanks a lot

For create visuals, please check this topic on the forum ;
[url]cubemap to fulldome / fisheye shader - Shared .tox Components - TouchDesigner forum

Or this great list :

Awesome. What about regular spherical or equirectangular videos. Will these also work?

Of course, just change the Geo by a SOP Sphere and choose what you want in the Texture Coordinates parameter.

Still love this, i used with my HTC VIVE


Hi @anodin
Thanks you so much for this toe ! I just get an error when I open it and I can figure out why… It’ in the Inside Dome container (in the script Sop).
“line 11 : td.ParCollection object has no attribute val0v1”

Do you know how to fix it ?

Thx TSCN_Studio to noticed this out to me
I just update my origibnal post to make it works with TD 099 v 2022.29850
Enjoy !

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