INSIDE DOME : Fulldome Preview

INSIDE DOME is a playback video for dome, you can choose the degree of your dome (0° to 360°) and let’s create an azimuthal equidistant projection uv map.

This appplication is usefull for fulldome theater, planetarium and any immersive dome-based video projection environnement. Observe your visuals on the dome, turn around with your mouse and record and HD video.

You need :
TouchDesigner 088
Images/Videos (azimuthal equidistant projection)

The interface :

Vimeo :

by Fred Trétout, thank Francois Prenoveau for dome script.
Free to use, free to share, free to thanks.

Upgrade V2
Custom Parameter and arcBallCamera
Links :
Application + Videos files (210°).
Application Solo. (20.8 MB) (20.3 MB)
INSIDE_DOME.72.toe (1.85 MB)

Upgrade V3.1
TD 099 v 2022.29850
SOP Scrip + UI correction
All options are on Container Parameters
INSIDE_DOME.80.toe (749.3 KB)


Amazing, was about to start building something like this. Thank You!

Hello, I’m new to touch designer. Can someone explain me how to use this to map something on a sphere? Just the basic workflow so I can understand how to route them all. I am familiar with nodal programming and other VJ software like isadora, resolume, vdmx, etc. I just don’t know what to do with this project. Should I use syphon to route it in resolume, or how many projectors should I use and how where are my outs for them?
thanks a lot

For create visuals, please check this topic on the forum ;
[url]cubemap to fulldome / fisheye shader - Shared .tox Components - TouchDesigner forum

Or this great list :

Awesome. What about regular spherical or equirectangular videos. Will these also work?

Of course, just change the Geo by a SOP Sphere and choose what you want in the Texture Coordinates parameter.

Still love this, i used with my HTC VIVE


Hi @anodin
Thanks you so much for this toe ! I just get an error when I open it and I can figure out why… It’ in the Inside Dome container (in the script Sop).
“line 11 : td.ParCollection object has no attribute val0v1”

Do you know how to fix it ?

Thx TSCN_Studio to noticed this out to me
I just update my origibnal post to make it works with TD 099 v 2022.29850
Enjoy !

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