Instagram messages to touchdesigner

Hi there, i’m an italian vj, for an event i have to display all the messages from instagram to various screens (two projectors and a ledwall)… till now i used to copy every single message to the clipboard (or rewrite all the messages) but doing this makes me waste time and lost completely the “real time”… I’m wondering if exist a tool or a script that automatically copy the instagram private messages to touchdesigner…

Getting the messages into touchdesigner will be pretty easy with lots of solutions - getting them out of the Instagram app will be harder. I have not used this, but it might work for you:
Meta api

Could try and use that api and write a python app that runs outside of touch, and have that communicate with touchdesigner via osc, websockets, http. Etc. or you could maybe get that api to work inside of some python scripts in touch… good luck!

I personaly say that it is not worth the time to try and mangle with the metaAPIs at all. Its a huge pain in the ass, esp. because for meta there are only two ways, WebAPP and Appstore-App. You can get personal information, but getting informations from other people is hard to get approved in most cases.
You can check the term social media aggregators. They are readymade services that will give you an API that you can use to get data from several sources att he same time., at a cost though,