Install error on Win7 SP1

I can’t install newest version of TD. At the beginning I get this error:
Install log: MSI46a7.LOG (261 KB)
I have Win7 SP1 with all updates, this one KB2545698 is installed for sure.
Any idea? I tried /bypassHotfixCheck and it isn’t working. Also tried every tool from MS to check and repair updates.

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Strange, in the meantime to get it working you can make a new windows environment variable called TOUCH_ALWAYS_START and set the value to 1 . This bypasses some of TouchDesigner’s built in checking.

I tried it but nothing changed, I still can’t install it.
My friend who also has Win7 SP1 also have same error on installation start.
Only on my very old PC with Win7 SP1 that wasn’t updated for some years install is working :open_mouth: It’s too old to even run Touchdesigner, but can install it :stuck_out_tongue:
Only workaround I’ve found working is to install TD on an old NOT UPDATED Win7 SP1 or newer Windows and later copy installed TD folder to another PC.
Hope someone will repair hotfix check in next version of TD installer. Or at least give bypass option like Oculus driver has.

Installs not working are: 15960, 16360

Review this help article and see if it helps. … chDesigner

There is nothing that could help. :frowning:


I could see in the log file that the installer returns an Error 1603 which is described on the Microsoft website here: … allation-e

As a temporary workaround, you can try unpacking the installer and running TouchDesigner from the Installation folder directly.

TouchDesigner099.2017.xxxxx.64-Bit.exe /extract "c:\myFolder"

The extracted folder will contain 2 levels down the 3 Folders that hold all of the relevant Folders: bin, Config and Samples. These you can copy to any location on your harddrive and run TouchDesigner099.exe inside the “bin” folder.
The main extract folder also holds the vc_redist.x64.exe in case you windows distribution is missing some parts of the c++ redistributable.

Otherwise TouchDesigner should be fully functional.

Please let me know if this works in the interim


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Thanks again Markus, this is still the only solution to install the newest version on my system :slight_smile:

I get the same error message when installing TouchDesigner099.2018.24410.64-Bit.exe on Win7 SP1

“TouchDesigner cannot be installed on your system. Please make sure the Platform update for Windows7 SP1 (KB2545698) is installed.”

So I download the actual KB2545698 update from Microsoft and try to install but it reports:

“The update is not applicable to your computer.”

Will extract the files as recommended, but would be nice to have this resolved…


same here :frowning:

If possible could you run the following:

"C:\MyFolder\TouchDesigner0xx.xxxxx.xx-Bit.exe" /L*V "example.log"

to generate a installer log file and send it to Maybe we can get to the bottom of this issue.


Thank you @snaut for this tip, this still saves lives in 2020 in the times of corona. Only that the location argument haven’t changed anything for me, I would find the TD folder named as random numbers at the same location alongside with the TD install.exe. Thought maybe somebody would need to know. It’s there where the magic happens ./bin

Again many thanks <3

Hi @noirkvlt,

we have since also added a section on the documentation regarding installing multiple builds with the current installer which includes a full explanation of this process: