Instance Problem


I am trying to link the container op to geo1 by putting syntax ‘textures/item[1-9]/bg’ to instance 2. It gave me an error signal as “instance texturing is not supported on this operated system.” I want the geo op to show the content in my container1. Please help me to find out the reason. I attached my file as below.
Class_2 Project.2 version 3.toe (6.5 KB)


Hi Angel,

texture instancing is only available on Windows based systems equipped with NVIDIA cards of the Geforce 600+, Quadro K series+ and newer.

Are you trying to do this on a Mac or a machine with a AMD card?


I see. I have a Mac. Is there any alternative way of doing this?

Hi @angelfu29

In case you are using images and not videos as textures for your cubes, you can read all loaded images into a 2D Texture Array and then access them via the W parameter on Instancing page.

Reading all of the images into a 2DTexture array is a bit wonky. In the file attached I use a Select TOP and an expression in the TOP parameter:


the background is that the Texture3D TOP requires a reference to the current frame (me.time.frame) to properly store the images when the Pre Fill Parameter is turned on.

Let me know if it makes sense
Class_2 Project.2 version 3__2DTextureArray.toe (6.8 KB)