instance textures w/o nvidia kepler


I am trying to instance a texture, but I keep ending up with the same error message: Instance texturing requires Nvidia Kepler GPU or higher.

I am a baby “Touchdesignerer”, so I’m not sure if there is a simple way around this. I would greatly appreciate a quick walk-through if anyone knows the answer or a reference to a video about navigating around this error message w/o having said requirements.



You can do something similar but not quite the same using the Texture 3D TOP as a 2D Texture Array, and referencing the 2D array layers using the W coordinate of your instanced geometries.
This feature itself requires a GPU hardware feature though so there is no way to use it directly without a GPU that supports it

It’s also possible to use UV offsets on instances and a textureSOP to crop a texture and then use chops/dats to offset the UVs on the UV offset section on the second instance tab on the GEO comp.

This method allows you to use a single larger texture with all your “instanced textures” laid out in a grid [I think this allows it to be animated which the 2d array may not]

This has an impact on the resolution that is applied to each instance.

A man who can explain it a lot better than I is Matthew Ragan in his advanced instancing tutorial: … hdesigner/

Hope this helps…