Instancing RGB values - apply a MAT on Nvidia Flex


I’m playing with new Flex Solver Comp and I have my Actor made up instancing spheres. Then I used Flex TOP to instance a new geometry using texture attributes.
The thing is that in the first part I used Material SOP and Point SOP to get UV coordinates and to apply correctly my custom MAT. But now I’m trying to do the same in the new Geo and I’m struggling a lot.

I tried @imbrizi unwrap tool by making a GLSL MAT and pass the UV coordinates, but with no succes.
I presumed the solution has to deal with some TD GLSL function like TDInstanceID or UVCoordinates, or something like that. I guess it could be solved in the second instancing page of my Geometry too, in texture OP.

I’m stucked, which way should i go?