"Instancing" TOPs

Hi all,

Sorry if I’m overlooking this somewhere, but is there a means by which to “instance” or “copy” TOP geometry? To clarify, I mean to say is there a way to have multiple copies of a TOP that behaves similarly to how one would do so with a SOP? Multiple circles/rectangles from one source TOP, etc.


You can do multiple passes with a single passes with a single TOP, but not really instances of textures. Can you say a little more about what you’re trying to achieve? That might help us find a solution for what you’re looking to accomplish :slight_smile:

Hi Matt! Just doing some experimentation to see what I can come up with. Essentially I’m trying to think about how I could copy what is inside of a top in a method similar to that of SOP instancing. Think something like a grid of circles copied over and over. I know I can do this with a circle SOP, but yeah just experimenting so if not possible then that’s ok!

You could certainly do this by thinking about how to tile your texture or create patterns with the tile and transform TOPs, but there’s not a good direct parallel in texture land for instancing. :grimacing:

No worries, didn’t think so. Thanks for the help!