Instancing with TOPs

I have a system that instances shapes of various colours, at various positions within the scrren. It is running via SOPs. I want to now experiment with some interesting TOP feedback, so I am wondering what the best solution is for this? 1. Transform my SOP into a TOP at the end of the pipeline then apply feedback? 2. Find a way to instance my TOP shape in a manner that I have done with SOP and the Geometry node, and keep it all in TOP?

To be honest, all the TOP set up is, is a primitive shape (rec, circle,) that acts as a field that I apply noise, colour… and ultimately feedback. The difficulty is applying instances to TOPs or applying feedback after SOPs, i’m stuck like a beginner somewhere in the middle!

A current SOP set up, is TOP type feedback possible ?

Current translates within the Geometry node, how to do something similar, instancing new shapes in different positions via math chop, but also keep it only in TOP?

Not sure what effect you are going for, but some options are:

  • add Feedback TOP after the Render TOP
    (See example in Help-> Operator Snippets)

  • create some animated TOP with feedback effect out to a Null TOP and use that as Null TOP as texture for your instances.

It works just fine adding feedback TOP after render TOP, thanks!