Instansing FBX file does not work

hello, can I instansing fbx file in touch designer?

In the standard way, the instansing function in the geometry fbx does not work, maybe there is another option?

The FBX COMP is mainly meant for importing and previewing your FBX.
You can instance the geometry inside your imported FBX using a Geo COMP.
For this you’ll need to place an Import Select SOP, drag your FBX COMP to its Import parent parameter, and then select your geometry using the dropdown arrow next to Geo Path. Feed that into a Geo COMP for instancing.

Example: instance_FBX_COMP.tox (1.9 KB)


sorry but i didn’t get it.

Can you please explain again or show by example my file ss1.fbx which I attached in the application?

instance_FBX_COMP.2.toe (5.1 KB)

maybe this should work in a newer version of the touchdesigner?

i don’t no what is it Geo Path and Import parent parameter ?

you did not attach your FBX file, so I can’t demo on your example.
Which made me realize I probably needed to attach my fbx file as well :wink:

Try to unpack this zipfile, it includes the fbx file and import cache directory TD creates after importing.
If you run the .toe file it should work.

If you select the Import Select SOP, in the top right of TD you should see the Parameter Dialog showing all the parameters of the Import Select SOP.
There you’ll see Import parent and Geo Path. (261.5 KB)

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Is instancing for an animated fbx with bones possible?

Thank you very much for your reply. But I forgot to point out that my fbx has animation with bones.
It looks like it is not possible to instantiate such an object.

It’s possible to instance bone animation, but it’s a bit more work to set up. Also you’ll need to send the animation data to each instance on the GPU, so you’ll need to write a custom GLSL MAT for that.
See some more info here:


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Very cool. It will take a long time to learn this process.
I will be even more grateful to you if you advise lessons on YouTube or a vimeo on this topic :smiley:

@nettoyeur thank you for your great example about instancing with FBXs. It works perfect with the fbx of the TD Logo. I tried it however with another free fbx I downloaded online, and when I put its path and then click on “import”, I get an error in the “import select” node that says: invalid geometry name

mmm, why is this happening, is this related to maybe the “geo name” parameter in that node that says “/group1”, and I dont really know what is this “/group1”

instance_FBX_COMP.17.toe (6.0 KB)

oh yes it was that, I had to change the geo name to the correct one for that Fbx, its solved now, thank you @nettoyeur

great, also there is no need to tag me in every message @javismiles I already get a notification whenever somebody posts in a thread I have posted in.

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thank you for clarifying that, it will save me lots of typing :wink:

Do you know how to add things to the Operator Snippets? This was perfect for me and It took me a while to find this .toe. It would be nice to have handy for others. Either way thanks for this response!

Yes I do, I sort of maintain them. I’ll take a look at my example if it’s clear enough and can add it to my next snippets batch