Intel RealSense D series CHOP

Does TouchDesigner support Intel RealSense D415 and D435? I’ve seen conflicting information around the internet. I briefly got the RealSense TOP to work after I updated the D415’s firmware, but haven’t gotten it to work since (Error: failed to initialize the Intel RealSense Cross-Platform API. There isn’t an option to select D415 at all on the RealSense CHOP.


The CHOP is not supported currently because Intel’s SDK for the D series cards has removed the features the CHOP used such as face/hand detection. So currently only the TOP is supported as depth/IR/color camera.

Disappointing. So if I wanted face/hand detection, I’d want to get one of the older models? Is a Creative Labs camera known to work with the CHOP, for example?

The F200, R200 and SR300 work with the older ‘Windows API’, which supports face/hand detection. I think the Creative Labs on is either an F200 or a SR300.

Is there a chance we can get those Features back for the D series?

you should ask Intel - Intel has stopped developing face tracking for Realsense altogether, and Intel has removed those features from the Realsense SDK.