Intel RealSense D435i

D435i shows up in the RealSense Viewer Software as color, stereo, depth etc
But in TouchDesigner nothing.
Installed the latest SDK

The SR300 I have works fine with same TOP.

Guessing the D435 is supported but the D435i is not yet supported?

Thanks, Graham

Hi Graham,

That’s correct. We haven’t tested the D435i yet, however, we plan to support it in the near future.


Thank you Parto!

Any updates to TD compatibility with new Intel RealSense D435i yet would be appreciated. Need to use it for an upcoming interactive piece.

Hi! I’ve seen that the Realsense D435i device is already implemented in the new TD update … Does anybody know if this rig will world on Mac? I’ve read that some previous models didn’t world and I’m looking for a cheap way to get depth maps to translate into point clouds …

Won’t currently work on mac due to sdk bugs.

BTW THANK YOU! for adding D435i functionality to TD

Any news on this?

Specifically in regards to the D435i working on OSX?

Hello im trying to get this device working but its giving this error message. Anyone get this working?

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