Interactive AV on an Ipad pro?

I’ve been enjoying posts by @infratonal_av on Instagram who is posting a lot of great TD work where they are displaying and manipulating TD on an iPad Pro using the iPad as a secondary touchscreen monitor via DUET. I’ve set this up and it works great for displaying the output of a TD patch, but I’m not sure how you can make it interactive. I know you can use OSC and make buttons and sliders and such to interact, but I’ve never seen anyone manipulate the design output directly. Check out this post for an example of what I’m talking about. Really cool stuff.
P.S. I assume you could do the same thing with a PC touchscreen but I don’t have one. I imagine the technique is the same. Does anybody have any insights/thoughts on this?

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be really careful with duet; I’ve had its drivers really fuck up my Nvidia settings and completely brick my physical hdmi outlets until i did a dance of uninstalling and reinstalling rolled back GPU drivers until they worked again. Obviously this was on a pc, I hear duet plays much nicer on the mac side.

That said, assuming it shows up as a display for you the setup would be like any touch screen; set your panel to the resolution of your display, and view that panel on the iPad. This could be done in perform mode, or by opening a borderless window comp while in editor mode. They’re working with a shader that is taking xy input from the touch interaction, so I’d look at the panelCHOP and the multitouchInDAT to figure out how you’d like to drive your project. @greg has a great example of touch screen interactions in the palette you can check out, and operatorSnippets are your friend here

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Touch is such a deep program. I’m having a blast discovering new possibilities with it the more I learn. :ok_hand: