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BLIND LTD is a London based Motion Graphics Studio - we create narratively-driven motion graphics for film and television working in both on set and post environments. Our collaborative approach is always based on what is right for the project.

We are currently looking for a intermediate Touchdesigner freelancer to operate a predesigned Touchdesigner programme - to be set up at a film studio within the M25 - to essentially manage / control / change the following elements as per productions requirements on set on x3 LED monitor walls over (intially) a four week period

STOCK FOOTAGE (supplied) the ability to access multiple STOCK FOOTAGE clips + to be able to scale move clips around based on specific layouts on the LED wall + adjust the brightness / reduce colour saturation

WORLD CLOCKS (designed) the ability to change the time in all time zones based on scripted time of day instantly + adjust the brightness / reduce colour saturation these CLOCKS will also feature seconds

LOGOS and ANIMATIONS (designed) ability to slow down the image, to move the image within the screen left right + adjust the brightness / reduce colour saturation on key areas

Dates are from week commencing 17th June until approximately the 26th July

If this is something that is of interest please do get in touch so we can discuss day the project in more detail / rates / etc etc

Thank you and all the best TEAM BLIND

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