Interface not working in project container and perform window

Maybe it’s very simple. I’ve made an interface, and separate an output network.
This converges in the parent container. (project1) But for some reason my buttons don’t work there anymore.
While the interface does work in the underlying node.
What could be the problem? I compared everything with a previously made project. Settings are the same. Thank you!

Attach your toe file or send to with instructions how to reproduce the problem. Cheers!

Hey Ivan,

Here it is!
Buttons in perform node, and the project1 node does not work.
In child nodes, it is working.

Thanks for your help.

UI-2-okt-DEF-02.11-upload.toe (114.0 KB)

Ah, here we go!

Your “Master_projecties” operators inside of Scenesp are hanging over the edge of Scenesp and overlapping your control panel, blocking input. They are transparent so it’s easy to miss! Simple solution is to set Scenesp’s Crop par (Children page) to “On”. More complicated solution is to set your “Master_projecties” to the proper size, or set their Click Through pars to on.

Thanks! I thought it was something with overlapping parts, but could not find the exact problem.
I’m going to fix it. Have a nice weekend!
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