Introduction to GLSL in TouchDesigner - 2019-11-01 08:32

Introduction to GLSL in TouchDesigner

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Hello Vincent!

Thank you for uploading this tutorial and the .toe file.

I have tried to create the bendDeform Instance following your tutorial but I got stuck when I had to create the instances of the tube.
I have noticed that something similar happens also in the .toe file that you have uploaded.
The tube in fact does not instance, following the location of the points of the grid.
However the instance is perfect in your tutorial video (and looks so easy to do! :slight_smile: )

Why does this happen? How is it possible to solve the problem?

Thank you!


I just double checked the sample toe, looks as it should in the bendDeformerInstances Base, see attached screenshot, not sure which issue you’re having?


Hello Vincent!
Thanks for your reply.
I attach a screenshot of what I get when I open the toe file and get into the bendDeformerInstances Container. Do you know why does this problem happen to me?

That’s odd, I just tried with the experimental version of TD but it’s also working for me, and it should be working fine on a mac too, if that’s what you’re using (some folks were using a mac during the workshop).

It seems the instance translation parameters from the geo are not working, but the bend that comes from the samplerbuffer read in the shader is fine.

Does instancing with the standard phong/pbr work for you?

First time I see the issue or someone mentions it to me, so that’s probably a question for Derivative.
There might be an issue with your hardware/drivers or something, would be curious if you can try it on another computer…

I’m running the experimental version on a PC using windows 10.

When I apply the standard phong I get the instancing of the tube, but of course no deforms and rotations are applied.

Unfortunately I can’t try it on other computers.
Maybe someone here in the forum could check this out?


your tutorial is so good for me, thanks!
but i have one thing to ask .

i downloaded the sample file but there is no dynamic particles that you showed last at the end of final chapter.
and i want fluid2d if i can get.